Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Guys, What Shoud My Minor Be?

So here's the deal, I need to pick a minor and that sounds really hard. Do I pick something that will be most applicable to my probably future jobs? Do I pick something that is a good contrast to math and show how well rounded I am? Do I pick something fun that won't be too hard and will be relatively interesting? I don't know, I just don't know.

Here's what I thought about so far:

  • Statistics: This would almost certainly help me with whatever math related job I end up taking in the future but will 1 or 2 stats courses and 2 math courses a semester make me want to shoot myself as I crumble under the hours of theorems, equations and analytical proofs? Possibly.
  • History: I like history because it's just stories and I also believe that a strong knowledge of history makes you understand the world better and therefore makes you a better person. However, I have a tendency to get behind on readings in the classes I'm currently taking, should I really take on a minor that is mostly based on reading tons of shit and writing reactions?
  • Political Science: Like history, political science seems like something that just makes you a better member of the national and global community. I want world events to mean something to me. However, political science is one of those very subjective majors where you can totally understand the material and still get a bad grade because the TA or professor doesn't agree with your answer.
  • Linguistics: This seems like an interesting and not too incredibly difficult minor. I have already taken the intro course and enjoyed it and it would be very different than math, however, who the hell cares about linguistics (other than my sister who is majoring in it...)? That's no passion of mine and has no real relevance to understanding the world.
  • Scandinavian Studies: I am studying in Stockholm next semester and am really interested in the Scandinavian culture. I will also (hopefully) take 2 courses while in Sweden than will maker me about a third done with this minor. But who the hell minors in Scandinavian Studies. What a weird thing to put on my resumes later. Math and Scandinavian Studies? Who are you?
  • Philosophy: Logic based philosophy is actually considered a math based minor and I would therefore not have to take as many hours to fulfill this minor. Plus, formal logic and philosophy in general seem really cool and interesting to me. Unfortunately, higher level logic classes are usually pretty fucking hard. And what if all that existential analysis actually just pisses me off instead of intriguing me?
What's a girl to do? Since I am essentially taking next semester off, I'm not going to be starting my minor until my junior year which is a bit later than they suggest. Hence the freaking out. If anyone wants to help me decide my life, throw down a comment.


  1. I would go with either History or Logic, mostly for the reasons you said. Studying in Scandinavia will be your Scandinavian Studies. I doubt it will help you in life as a minor unless you meet lots of mathy Scandinavites.

  2. She's already related to a lot of mathy Scandinavites.

  3. Stat or philosophy