Monday, October 31, 2011

Robert - I Hate Joel

Oh shit. This comes out Tuesday. That's 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 9 seconds from this sentence. There's really not much time.

Now, I really like this series. I'm not sure if that's because Uncharted 2 was a really good video game, or because I just like video games. There's no way to tell, because I haven't played any modern video games since GTA: San Andreas was new.* Video games are extremely demanding. I struggle with commitment. Video games aren't productive. I'm productivish.** Video games are in 2D. I'm in 3D. We just haven't been compatible, or at least not until I rediscovered the ability to pull myself up over a 300 ft. ledge with my left arm while pulling a fully-armed guard off that same cliff with my right and sustaining heavy fire from as many as twelve undertrained mercenaries below.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Fortune will be my second voyage into post-PS2 video game experience, and I intend to celebrate by holing myself away in my apartment cave for days on end and consuming an adequate amount of sugar to damage my brain into forgetting about exams and/or homework assignments. My brain would already be in this state, had Joel followed through on his commitment to burn through Uncharted 1 in preparation for the new release. Unfortunately, UUUU*** will wait for Tuesday morning.

I bid you adieu as I head to bed for my last good night's sleep in a while.

*Excluding Wii Tennis
**At times
*** United Uncharted Über-bUds


  1. So who else is getting this at midnight?

  2. I want to, but I fear it is too late. But that's stupid, cuz like, tomorrow right?

  3. Excellent reference to the happenings of the second installment. I might sign away my life for a few days just to watch, again.

  4. Me. I'm getting this at midnight. Text me tonight.


  5. I'm just happy that UUUU exists now.

  6. Sometime I'm going to get somebody to marathon Pikmin with me, and we're going to be PPPP, the Perpetual Partnership of Pikmin Pals.