Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Top 5

Top five things in life:

-Physical Contact: I'm all about that shit. From physical comedy to a good hug, nothing is as awesome as human touch. It's comforting, it's warm (usually), and it just feels good. I have a friend, Kenny, whom I will be living with next year. Kenny doesn't like to be touched. At all. I find this so weird. Many of my jokes include touching, and whenever I try to do so to Kenny, he physically recoils. It's weird. Touching is awesome. Sex.

-Learning: Learning is maybe my favorite. Acquiring knowledge is the greatest. I'm taking a philosophy class on symbolic logic class and I really enjoy it. Scientists are all about discovering things and adding to our current knowledge base, but philosophy is about understanding what we already know and using that to deduce other truths. All mammals are vertebrates. Some sea creatures are mammals. Therefore, some sea creatures are vertebrates. There's no way any one of us will ever tap even a small fraction of the knowledge we've already discovered, so why do we need more of it? Fuck dat. I wanna learn all I can, but I have no desire to discover knew things.

-Eating: Food is delicious. Fuck you, Nick.

-Dreaming: Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I just go to sleep so I can dream. That sounds sorta depressing, but whatever. I like it. Dreaming is so weird and not like normal life and that's what makes it so great. Where else can you fly around defeating evil bridge trolls in rap battles to win fair maidens' hearts. No where else, that's where.

-Drinking: I spend a lot of my time realizing it's too early to start drinking yet. Like right now. Drinking is just a ticket to good times, unless you're an emotional girl that turns into a puddle of tears by the end of the night. Inhibitions are stupid and I hate them.



  1. You son of a bitch.


  2. You guys food is terrible. Why does no one believe me?

    1. Or a happy puddle of gooey happiness <3

      -You know who this is.