Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What are you looking forward to?

Tomorrow I am looking forward to an international union party at club Viper in central Stockholm. Everyone is supposed to wear white and I have a hip flask.

This weekend I am looking forward to going to Kiruna in northern Sweden to see the Northern lights and dogsled and shit.

Next month I am looking forward to a visit from my sister and hopefully my boyfriend. I really want to show people form home this amazing city through more than my amateur photos.

This summer I am looking forward to living with my girl Natasha, learning to cook and watching the olympics.

Next year I'm looking forward to being an upperclassmen and having an apartment with the A-Team (Carrie and Rachel). Come on over for our variety of theme nights: beef and eggs night, Mary Kate and Ashley movie night, etc.

In two years I am looking forward to being 21 and finally being able to go to bars without looking over my shoulder and constantly being kicked out.

After college I am looking forward to moving somewhere awesome and for the first time in my life, getting off the damn conveyor belt.

In ten years I'm looking forward to  looking like I'm 21 so I can finally stop getting questioned at bars. (This is just a prediction, but let's be honest, I'm probably right).

In 20 years I am looking forward to being able to call the music of my youth "classic rock" and having really pretentious conversations about music with people 20 years younger than me.

In 50 years I'm looking forward to being dead because I'm going to go out like a rock star in a fiery car accident with a bunch of strippers and drugs in the back at the age of 40.


  1. "P-I-Z-Z-A...I want pizza!"

    Mada, remember the Mary Kate and Ashley slumber party special? I still have the VHS tape of that sitting around somewhere at home. One of the girls in that video was Fi from Disney's So Weird. Those movies were the bomb. I think Our Lips Are Sealed was the best feature film.

    And I'm not ashamed that I know any of this.

    1. Dude. Our Lips Are Sealed was really good. I think I have the whole soundtrack memorized.
      And if you visit U of I next year, bring that special.


  2. Something beautiful about this post. Difficult to finger.

  3. For a math major, your math is...interesting.

    1. In 20 years I'll be 39. The I do the 50 years and you think I'm going to talk about retirement or something bit I don't because I died one year after my last looking forward thing. It's art Brian.