Monday, April 9, 2012

Nick - Two Gallants

No, play the video first. This text comes second.

Okay cool. The rugged blond guy there is Adam Stephens. Notice that he isn't just holding chords, his playing is ridiculously intricate. And, while he's doing that, he's also singing with one of my favorite voices ever.

IN ADDITION, his lyrics are gorgeous and he's playing harmonica when he's not singing.

In fact, all my chips are down. Adam Stephens is my mancrush. No other man will do.

Now turn your attention to the drummer. I've always fantasized that Adam Stephens found a time machine and went back in time to find a caveman with perfect rhythm to drum for him. Enter Tyson Vogel.

Tyson, you may notice, is rocking harder than I've probably ever rocked, and he's doing so using a tambourine as a drum stick. HE'S PLAYING DRUMS AND TAMBOURINE AT THE SAME TIME.

That is not a simple drum part, either. But if that wasn't enough, wait until the last verse. He's singing. HE'S PLAYING DRUMS AND TAMBOURINE AND SINGING AT THE SAME TIME.

The two of them singing that last line together is perfect. It's so beautiful, so passionate, so forlorn.

"I don't need nobody; nobody needs me."

That's it, ladies and gentlemen; that's the final word. We can all die now.


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  1. Lol @ the phrase "that rugged blond guy"
    Also, I prefer other things.
    Nathan Fillion resents this post.