Friday, April 13, 2012

Old age

These songs are basically the same song. And I like that Janelle Monae weasled her way into fun.'s awesome anthem, because they toured together and Monae was the headlining act. Now, if they ran that tour back, they'd swap roles, and Monae would open. But that has to hit her as an artist to be going around the country, and this band you've taken under your wing jumps up and puts together a chorus (that, as it turns out, fun. gave up on trying to fit naturally into the song. they just decided to burst into it and vanish away from it because, hell, if you had thought of that chorus, you wouldn't care whether you flow in or out of it. you'd just blast it loudly and repeatedly. well handled, fun.) that rockets it into the forefront of pop-culture — the chorus is that catchy. And so Monae, who has put together an awesome career founded on a peppy jazzy sound and pleasantly enigmatic personality (thinking Gwen Stefani, whose part in the duet "I Saw Red" with Sublime's Brad Nowell hardly resembles the musical artistry responsible for "Hollaback Girl"), sees fun. grab pop dollars while she gets by being a unique independent act. Ain't that some shit. Fun. politely provides Monae with some backing vocals cred, which is the reason I am listening to her now. She's fun. No pun intended, because that wouldn't make sense.

Anyway, the songs are both about "hey, we're old now, but let's put an effort for like six hours into pretending we aren't old and don't live with the inhibiting responsibilities that come with old age." And that's how I feel whenever I write a thought-out, engaging Classic Brian post. My era of soapbox blog posts, so emo in nature, is over. Now, I'm not undermining every post I've ever dropped on the blogspot (blot), because I stand by the things I've written here, and I love them, as they are a part of me growing up. And I'm not "grown up" now, though it seems like I'm trying to say that. I've just run out of ideas to blare on about, maybe only temporarily, but still.

For instance, it's Friday. What? I post Wednesdays. But, there's a clear path from Tuesday (hats off to Brendan) and I was legitimately busy on Wednesday until I became very exhausted. I went to Busch Stadium to cover a baseball game Wednesday and it was unbelievable. I was running across the grounds in between innings to get new angles on pictures I was taking (horribly). And while it's a great experience for our baseball team to get to play on Busch, I feel even cooler for getting the opportunity to report from it. Hell, I didn't even have to lose (5-4 to Missouri). Oh hell, there's an idea. I want to do it justice (and on a Wednesday) so I'll do it next week. But hopefully this writing here assures that I don't forget.

I miss the days of checking CB's stats to peep pageviews, and wishing that this blog would become a cult hit — which was always a pipe dream, no worries. But you who have read this blog from the start, I love you more literally every week. I keep getting older, taking on more responsibilities (college is progressing well in that regard) and losing time to write about the seconds I used to have but now spend preparing for how to spend the next seconds.

I used to text other CB members to try and keep everyone on top of it. I had ideas, hell we had a guest week, implying that we were people to fill in for. That was my idea, and I spent showers thinking about it. These beautiful posts I once penned, crafted with everything I had are now backwash of my time, not what I call upon to showcase my writing skills and altogether the equivalent of an old friend who wouldn't be your friend anymore if he hadn't always been your friend. It saddens me to think about, which I don't do all that often.

--Eliot Sill


  1. You can take a look at my last post and see how much I've invested these days in blogging.

  2. I miss the days where everyone posted regularly.