Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sorry this post is like right after Conor's. He posted late and I posted early. Consider it a double bonus Christmas special. And actually the first time I posted it it somehow ended up before Conor's post...? We need to fix the time thing on this somehow...

I'd like to start off by wishing everyone a merry Christmas. This is hands down my favorite holiday of the year and perhaps even my favorite time of year overall. It's not because I get presents, because although those are nice, I could care less whether I get any or not. I tend to have a disregard for money and such, which I'm sure will be my downfall later in life. But anyway, back to what I was saying. I love this time of year because of this comfortable feeling that comes with it which is hard to put in words. And this year it feels better than ever.

Recently I feel like I've finally developed a close niche of good friends that I actually hang out with regularly. Since a lot of them read/write this blog, I just want you guys/girls to know that I really appreciate you. As corny as it sounds, I honestly consider you all as my best Christmas present. Thanks for putting up with my shit sometimes, and letting me know when I go too far. I'm sorry for my recent spurt of douchey activity, and I'm resolved to be less personally offensive. Don't worry though. I'll still be Classic. And yes Robert, I will still most definitely play The Game.

There are a shit ton of reasons why I appreciate each of you peoples, and it'd take forever to name them all, so lemme cite some specific examples. FFFF. I needn't say more than that. Finding fun in the littlest things that most people would just consider dumb. How long did we spend picking out bad sweaters and randomly assigning ties to monumental moments in our futures? Good work City Museum squad. We spent like 15 minutes finding words in peoples's last names and finding ways to make them insulting. I don't even care that I lost badly and ended up being “alone” for the rest of the night. I appreciate stuff like that. Being able to talk to someone when shit hit the fan for me in certain aspects of my life. Endless hours spent playing NBA 2K. Skype conversations. Being reassured that I'm a good person when I don't feel like one. Being compared to T.O. In perhaps the most negative way possible (hope you don't actually feel that way about me, baby). Dating Rikki. The blanket game that I have no idea how to guys know what I mean. Inadvertently recycling Robert's discarded personality and just going with it. How we can go forever with any joke (“Ze fuck you!”). Over-explaining every joke ever. Spite. Music interests in common/musical debates. Being Mada's fling while her bf is away (this is a joke) even though I never see her (LAME). Learning guitar with Hilldawg (this is so fucking happening). This blog. How the nickname Classic has stuck and has come so far. Puns. And countless other things.

I'm really glad I can say that this has been an overall good year for me. I've suffered some casualties in some hard fought battles, but I feel like I've come out victorious. I look forward to 2011 and all it holds, including my continued posting on this blog. Good work on keeping this blog going and making it thrive for so long everyone. Thanks to everyone who reads/follows us, too. You're all great. I hope you guys think I'm a decent guy. I like to think I'm fun to be around for the most part. I've always tried to keep this persona of not caring what people think, but when it comes to my friends, I obviously do. I love everyone today. Except Bill O'Reilly. He's still a jackass. Merry Christmas again to everyone besides him.



  1. i think i like this post so much because i feel the same way about the year. can't wait to practice guitar! merry christmas, classic :)

  2. merry christmas to you too. glad ya liked it =)


  3. Apologies on behalf of Classic for thinking it was okay to post in a font that deviates from the norm. Sooo not Classic.