Tuesday, December 14, 2010


In 48 hours I will be home. I will be completely done with my first semester of college and I will get to relax for an entire month. Also, presents! I'm like 96 percent super exited about this. That last 4 percent? That last 4 percent represents the heart break I'm going to feel when I never see my class boyfriends ever again.

At the beginning of the year I played this game where I would try to pick the person in the class I would date if I was forced to find a boyfriend out of that particular group. I would look for the person (preferably male) who seemed like he had the most tolerable personality and a style that suggested that out lifestyles would mesh. (scarves indicated that they probably weren't into me...) Some of my class boyfriends were better than others, but they all had a special place in my heart.

Every time I went to a class where I had a picked a boyfriend I would try to sit within two or three desk of them (never next to them), and if we were asked to pick partners I would do my best to snag him. I would also assume that that person was constantly looking at the back of my head and thinking about me. In a way this made going to my classes a lot more fun. It gave me a goal, a reason to shower, a reason to not say stupid chit to the teacher, something to distract me when the lecture was hella boring. These are all very beneficial to my life.

Side note: Once I sat directly next to one of my class boyfriend for a test. We were working on those desks in lecture halls that have a flip up writing surface. Anyway, when I finished my test (before him because I'm great), I flipped down my desk and smashed it into his knee really really hard. This is why you never sit right next to your class boyfriend. That was a rough patch in our relationship.

Anyway. These class boyfriends became very close to my heart. I'm not sure I could tell you all of their names but I'm sure I could totes point them out to you if you were ever on the Illini campus. Last Wednesday was out last day of classes and as I was leaving my linguistics lecture for the last time I realized I would never see shaggy-hair-with-blue-shoes-kid again. This was the end of our road. I almost thought of saying something to him and then I remembered the desk-to-knee incident and silently left. A sad day. A day I'll probably remember for a couple weeks.

But, alas, life goes on and this will continue to happen for the next eight semester. I'll have to learn to cope. In the meantime, I'm going to mourn this loss with a little more calculus studying.


  1. Are you going to stay in college an extra semester?


  2. teehee its extra funny cuz your a math major...get it?