Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Awesome Movie Concepts I've Come Up With

1. The Last Unicorn Man - Dreamt this one up, actually. In my dream, I was at a movie and a trailer for this movie played. From what I remember, the basic premise is that unicorns have all but died out, and no one really believes in them except the main character, a school professor portrayed by Russell Crowe, who advocates their existence and does everything in his power to save this dying breed.

2. Avatar Vs. Airbender - In this epic action-packed movie, Aang battles an entire race of blue people in a desperate attempt to redeem his namesake and not tank in the box office.

3. Grand Theft Auto: The Movie - C'mon. You know you'd go see this.

4. 24 - 24 hours of Jack Bauer kicking ass. Only for the hardcore. Breaks prohibited. Anyone leaving the theater for any reason will not be allowed re-admittance.

5. A new kung-fu movie that doesn't suck ass.



  1. Brendan : Overly Sentimental :: Brian : Sometimes you just half ass things

  2. Brian: normally you just half ass things

  3. I actually didn't create that tag though, surprisingly enough.