Monday, August 1, 2011

Nick - Adventure!

As you read this post, I'm in Missouri, enjoying the beauty of nature and assuredly going on a handful of adventures. This post is a feeble attempt to show you one of my favorite places on Earth using words; an impossible feat to say the least. So I'm trying to include as many pictures as I can.

But none of these pictures do justice to the real thing. When I was a child, my dad began the yearly tradition of taking us camping at Johnson's Shut Ins. And this trip is always one of the highlights of my year.

Johnson's Shut Ins, described as simply as I can manage, is a place where a river runs through rocks, creating what is essentially nature's own water park. The stream runs in between rocky outcroppings and down a mountain, like a hundred tiny waterfalls and pools. The water collects in a large, blue basin at the bottom, which is a perfect place to swim or jump from rocks.

I can't really turn this post into any kind of coherent story or moral; I simply want to talk about something I enjoy. It's nice to spend a few days remembering that just because I'm not a kid anymore doesn't mean I can't go on an adventure.

Wish you could join me.



  1. It's funny because I'm leaving for Springfield momentarily!

  2. I bet whoever likes me the most will text me first.

  3. I've been there, it is one of my favorite places.