Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nick - The Portrait We Paint

I wonder what somebody would think of me if they read my Classic Brian post every week, but never met me in person? While I could just ask Sunday Robert's Mizzou friends, I elect to decipher for myself instead. Here are the caricatures painted by our blog posts, as well as how accurately they reflect our real personalities.

Sunday Robert
Reading through Sunday Robert's posts, we start off with many sentimental, introspective posts. Robert maintains a strong streak of sentimentality throughout, with occasional bursts of hilarity. I imagine Classic Brian Robert to be a funny, sentimental recluse, living amongst nature and writing fiction.

Resemblance: 8/10

Monday Nick
My own posts read like a story. A story about a video game-obsessed guy with crushing social anxiety, who suddenly snapped and has been on a rampage ever since.

Resemblance: 3/10

Tuesday Mada
Mada comes and goes as she pleases, and never writes about the same thing twice. We never really know what she's going to write about or what to expect. In fact, her caricature is much like a schizophrenic cat: appearing and receding on no particular schedule, and jumping from one thought to the next.

Resemblance: 1/10

Wednesday Eliot
Here we see basically rambling about stuff without getting to a coherent point, intermingled with really interesting posts about various topics. We also get an occasional glimpse at the expert sports journalist lying underneath. He could be some kind of NBA superhero who only comes out to post really late at night, and likes to talk a lot.

Resemblance: 6/10

Thursday Brendan
Brendan's posts paint a picture of somebody who is a very talented writer, an avid fan of Bob Dylan, and generally an overachiever when it comes to writing.

Actually, that pretty much describes him in real life, too. Yeah. Wow.

Resemblance: 10/10

Friday Conor
What facts do we know about Friday Conor? He has a band and he posts really late all the time. But looking through the window of Friday Conor's posts reveals more about him: a guy who goes through frequent and very strange obsessions. In fact, if you read through select posts about Conor's many hobbies, you could very easily imagine him to be a ten-year-old.

Resemblance: 7/10

Classic Brian
Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the Classic Brian. A being of pure spite and ill-will, his only respite from causing havoc is writing lists and half-assing things. I like to picture him as some kind of blogging deity, like the Zeus of Classic Brian, because he is our namesake. Like an evil blogging god, he reigns parody down upon the plight of us mortal bloggers.

Resemblance: 4/10


  1. These numbers are scores and I got second place.

  2. i honestly think mada's more of a 8 or 9, robert's comment notwithstanding.